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Colors And Letters Of Electrical Wires

One of the key to proper electrical wiring installation is the use of correct letters and colors of electrical wires. These specifications of electrical wires need to be followed accurately in order for the electrical appliance, unit or system to function safely and efficiently. The different colors of electrical cables …

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Can an Electric Fireplace Heat the Whole House?

I was hanging out at the local pub the other night when a friend of mine told me he was thinking about buying an electric fireplace for his home. Inevitably he asked me about their heating capabilities. Like many people, he was thinking about putting the unit into his bedroom, …

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The Differences Between Commercial Fans and Residential Fans

Commercial fans are useful in industrial settings where efficiency, reliability and power are more important than aesthetics. Some significant differences between the commercial and residential versions are the former operates with less number of blades for faster speed. Commercial fans are designed to allow greater and efficient airflow. Their curved …

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How to Make Your Noisy RV Furnace Quiet

Have you ever cursed your RV furnace for waking you up in the middle of the night? Have you ever had to turn up the TV a few notches when the heater kicks on? RV furnaces are notoriously noisy for a number of reasons. Generally, most of the noise comes …

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Oscillating Fans – History and Advancements

Oscillating fans are used to aid air circulation throughout a space. These electric fans feature the ability to direct airflow from one side to another. This allows the fan to cover more space with the breeze it produces as opposed to box fans and ceiling fans that cover only a …

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