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Review of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

For people who have to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., it’s exhausted to find out that there are rooms that need to be cleaned when you are finally back home. Thanks to the technology, the robot vacuum cleaner can help us with the cleaning. However, there are too …

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Review For Rubbermaid BP10Q Vacuum Cleaner

The ultimate backpack vacuum cleaner should be lightweight, powerful and comfortable to wear. Rubbermaid accomplishes this with 3 new backpack vacuum cleaners that are thoughtfully designed and well tested in over two years of research and development. Three backpack models are available from Rubbermaid, a 6qt smaller lightweight unit, a …

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Disadvantages of a Robot Cleaner

As technology advances, we are able to enjoy more and more things that make our lives easier. This is very true when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Robot cleaners are relatively new to the house cleaning market, and they are allowing many people to say goodbye to their manual vacuuming. …

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The History of Eureka Vacuum Cleaners

The history of Eureka vacuum cleaners begins in Detroit, Michigan in 1909 with a man named Fred Wardell. Within three years, the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company was selling six models of vacuum cleaners that also came with attachments specialized for different cleaning jobs. Because Eureka’s vacuum cleaners were lighter and …

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Is The Simplicity Vacuum Cleaner Any Good?

Well, it’s American-made but is the high price of a Simplicity vacuum cleaner justified and should you buy either its canister or upright models? It all depends on want you’re looking for. To some it might be the best vacuum cleaner while others should look else where. There’s no getting …

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