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Mini Fridge – Benefits and Drawbacks


Mini fridge has become an indispensable home appliance for many people. It looks good for your mini bar. You can choose from many designs, shapes and dimensions. Perhaps you’ve seen one that resembles a big coke bottle or can. Without a doubt, this model is eye catching but may not be as portable as you want. No matter what it is, you have to take a few factors into account before making your decision.

First of all, how small a fridge for you to call it a mini fridge? Most of them are portable enough that you can carry it with you while traveling or camping, especially when kids are involved. Thirst and hunger are two things you’ll hear often, and a mini fridge will be a perfect solution. Make sure it has both AC and DC adapter though so you can plug it in into the car’s lighter socket.

For college students and cubicles, this appliance doesn’t need much space at all. But beware, some of them only keep the contents cool enough. Others are capable of cooling up to 40 degrees below ambient temperature. The latter is able to prevent ice in your juice from melting for five to seven hours, depends on the day.

Are there any disadvantages? I hate to tell you this but there are. Obviously, the first one is capacity. You can only put limited amount of foods or drinks inside. On average, half a dozen cans of soft drinks. It may or may not be sufficient for your situation.

Also, it is important to point out that most small fridges do not come with freezer. Of course, what could you expect from a fridge of this size?

However, if there is meat that you would want to keep frozen, this option is far from ideal. In this case, you may need slightly larger and expensive models with tiny freezer. Research around for your options. Obviously not all mini fridge is suitable for everyone.

Mini fridge is an attractive option for those looking for the convenient of a refrigerator with limited space. It will save you many trips back and forth the kitchen when you are watching the big game and want to say hydrated. You can also use it to keep baby formula cold and handy when you are traveling with the baby.

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