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Review of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

For people who have to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., it’s exhausted to find out that there are rooms that need to be cleaned when you are finally back home. Thanks to the technology, the robot vacuum cleaner can help us with the cleaning. However, there are too many robot vacuum cleaners from different brands, and most of those robot vacuum cleaners are not as satisfying as we have expected. Since most of those robot vacuum cleaners clean the floor in a random way, which means that some areas are missed.

I have two British longhair cats, which means there is cat hair all over my house. It’s a great big headache for me to get rid of their hair in my house since I have to spend time on cleaning the floor at least twice a week by using the vacuum cleaner. Obviously, it’s such a time-wasting job for me, and I do feel really tired after the cleaning. So, I got one of those Xiaomi robot vacuums and hoped that it would be helpful.

As we know, the smartphone from Xiaomi is sold well, and now, Xiaomi has produced different smart home products. And the Xiaomi robot vacuum is one of those smart home products. As other smart home products, this one is smarter than many robot vacuums, because it has advanced floor plan mapping. With this smart mapping, it could clean up the floor thoroughly without missing any area in your room. After mapping your room, it could show the route on your smartphone.

To map your rooms accurately, it features with 12 different types of sensors, for example, the laser distance sensor, which is poking out of the top. Aside from the laser distance sensor, there are a wall sensor, a dust bin sensor, a collision sensor, an ultrasonic radar sensor, and a cliff sensor. These sensors play an important role in making it much smarter, such as avoiding falling from the stairs and avoiding compact.

After fully charging, it could work about 2 hours and 45 minutes which actually depends on the design of your house. However, it is kind of noisy during the cleaning, although it cleans up the room very fast. In view of that, I would love to leave it cleaning the room and head out for work. Besides, my two cats are really curious about it.

In short, this one does work well in my house for getting rid of the cat hair. And it’s cheaper and smarter than many robot vacuum cleaners anyway. You should give it a shot, so that you can make your life more domestic.

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