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Vacuuming Outdoors – How to Use a Vacuum Outside Your Home

You may think that your vacuum is made for vacuuming carpet and rugs only, and you would have never expected that you could take your vacuum outdoors. Here are some places that you might want to use your vacuum cleaner.

The Car

Instead of sticking quarter after quarter into your car to get it vacuumed at the self-serve car wash, you can do it yourself. Let’s face it: the vacuums at the car wash never work well (and why should they? If they worked well, you could get your entire car cleaned in two minutes, making it unnecessary to feed dollar after dollar in quarters into the machine). You can do the job yourself (and for free) in just a couple of minutes and get better results.

The Boat And RV

If you like to explore the great outdoors on the weekends, you probably have either a boat or an RV. These are easy to vacuum with a regular vacuum. If your boat is wet from skiers, make sure that you wait for it to dry or use a shop vacuum to suck up the dirt and water.

Wait, Wait, Wait… Those Places Aren’t Exactly “Outdoors”

OK, you are right. You probably want to know how to use your vacuum outside your house. If you have a long enough power cord, you are going to be able to vacuum nearly anywhere.

The first place to vacuum is your deck. If you have a blow feature on your vacuum cleaner, it is going to be super easy to do. Otherwise, it won’t hurt to suck up the dried up leaves and bugs into your bagless vacuum cleaner. Plus, you can just empty the canister over the side of the deck and be done with the whole chore in a matter of seconds (just make sure to empty the canister down wind from the deck, otherwise everything will just blow back onto the deck).

After you are done with your deck, wheel your vacuum cleaner into the garage. You may be sweeping every week, but look up instead. With the hose and extension wands, get rid of the cobwebs and clear off any dust on the storage boxes.

After cleaning up the yard, you can blow the grass clippings off of the sidewalk with your vacuum cleaner. Sure, you could get out the leaf blower and use that, but that would probably involve putting gas into it, getting it started and then draining the gas when you are finished. With a vacuum, you just have to plug it in and turn it to blow.

With a vacuum cleaner that you aren’t afraid to take outside, you are going to find more uses for it and it is going to help you save time. The only thing that you need is a long extension cord to allow you to go where you want to go.

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